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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tennessee is FAT, as in second most obese in the nation

The Trust for America's Health just released a report today noting that Tennessee is the second most obese state in the nation, tied with Alabama (with 31.6% of adults obese). Only Mississippi tops us with 33.8% obesity. Obesity rates here have increased for the past three years. Colorado is leanest at 19.1% obesity.

Needless to say, it's well known that obesity causes a myriad of health problems. There is good news though, in that people are now actively trying to do something about it. Even though exercise is not a weight-loss panacea, it is still healthier to be active than inactive.

If sufficient resources were made available to improve conditions throughout the state to make biking/walking to work, school, running errands, and so forth a realistic option for the majority of the population, imagine the improved health of the state, not to mention the savings in health-care costs! There may even be a net savings in time, when one factors in the time spent parking, and time that otherwise would be needed to go to the gym to get an equivalent level of fitness.

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