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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

National Award to state council

Our TDEC Council on Greenways and Trails been awarded the 2010 National Recreational Trails Outstanding State Recreational Advisory Committee award by the Coalition for Recreational Trails and the American Recreation Coalition. As chair of its Development Committee it is good to know that Tennessee has again moved forward in our hopes of making the state a healthier place to live. By promoting safe venues for biking and walking, increased attention in transportation planning to bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and a more active lifestyle in Tennessee the Council works with local and state leaders and planners and with non-profits to educate, fund bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and encourage advocacy on the state and local level. Click here to view application.

Being connected with the council gives Bike Walk Tennessee close associative contacts with legislators, local and regional governmental leaders and groups, major players such as TDOT, TVA, and Corps of Engineers. This network allows us to spread the word about our goals and and provide informative materials to the public. It’s a good day for Tennessee.

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