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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Each new round of Bicycle Friendly Community awards is exciting, but today’s announcement is big. With the addition of major urban centers — including Los Angeles, Miami and Nashville — two-thirds of America’s largest cities are now BFCs. Click here for more info.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Help the Alliance

This month for each bike trip you log on the 2 Mile Challenge, Clif Bar will donate $1 to the Alliance for Biking & Walking. The clock is already ticking, and to reach our ambitious goal of 10,000 trips in October, we need your help!

Go to, create a profile, and start logging your trips by bike. You can even download the BikeBrain app to keep track of your trips.

It's an easy way to support the Alliance and state (think Bike Walk Tennessee) and local advocacy organizations.

We're not asking you for a dime, just some good old fashioned pedal power. Thanks for your support!

Jeffrey Miller - President / CEO

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Italian Helmet Hair Not A Problemo

I'm spending a few days in Italy where, at least in the old cities like Florence, bicycles are for transportation and not play. No one was wearing a helmet while cycling in the city center where Michaelangelo once walked and worked. No word on his helmet use. David didn't wear one while slaying Goliath.

Bike Purchases in Italy

However, this is a surprise in any country outside of China. Motor scooters are very popular in Italy and may outnumber bikes in the cities I've seen. I doubt they will lose their love of the car but can you imagine this happening in the US? The auto makers would go mad. They would probably lobby to outlaw bicycles.

I did see some helmet use by recreational riders on Sunday in a small town outside Florence. They were in full kit and riding in the hilly region. I wonder how much our emphasis on helmets discourages ridership by sending a message that its a dangerous undertaking? Obviously the narrow streets of a European city are very different from the US but food for thought none the less.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tennessee Trafic Safety Website

TDOT has a new website devoted to promoting traffic safety.  Motorcycles have their own section. Getting bicycles and pedestrians a spot looks like yet another opportunity for Bike Walk Tennessee.

Alliance Seeks Feedback

. . The Alliance for Biking and Walking is planning its new resources, programming, and training opportunities for 2013 —  and wants your input. They would like your feedback on how they're doing and what they can do better.

Please take a moment to complete our membership survey

. . The survey takes 15 minutes or less to complete. Feel free to have multiple people from your organization take the survey, as this gives us perspectives on different areas where we can provide assistance. 
. . Please take a moment to complete the survey by October 31, and help to ensure that the Alliance is able to help you grow your organization’s strength in 2013 and beyond.
. . 
Thanks in advance for your important and critical feedback.
Mike Samuelson, Member Services and Open Streets Coordinator

Monday, October 1, 2012

Jeremy Leaves the Alliance

. . I am writing to tell you that after five rewarding years, I am leaving my position as Member Services Director at the Alliance for Biking & Walking as of today, October 1.
. . I appreciate the opportunity I have had to work with you. Whether it was through Alliance member services such as coaching, Mutual Aid Calls, Winning Campaigns Training, or strategic planning; all Alliance leaders have touched my life in many, many ways. I am so proud of the Alliance and our work to grow the power of Alliance member organizations, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be part of your success.
. . Together, you have and you will accomplish so much! I am truly honored to have worked alongside the most talented, dynamic and hardworking people.
. . I know that there will still be opportunities to connect with each of you. I plan on continuing work in strategic planning and meeting facilitation, and I’m sure our paths will cross (if nothing else, at the next Enclave Party).
. . To contact me in the future, please email me at I am no longer receiving messages at

My best, 
Jeremy Grandstaff, Member Services Director