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Monday, June 14, 2010

Educate the Biker, the Motorist, Law Enforcement

As Bike Walk Tennessee reviews future campaigns to improve bicycling safety, public service announcements (PSA) on the Community Access Channel is one easy way to reach the public. Several good videos are available, why not air them all across the State. That was our idea! The Bicycle Coalition of Maine thought it was a good idea.

They have produced two bicycle safety PSAs that will air on Maine television stations during the spring and summer. The Maine Bureau of Highway Safety provided about $16,000 for production costs and purchase of airtime.
One ad educates motorists about the Maine law requiring them to give at least three feet of clearance when passing cyclists. The other ad stresses the importance of cyclists wearing bicycle helmets. The PSAs appear on WCSH6 throughout the month of May. In addition to the purchased airtime, the station donated airtime valued at $4,200 for additional spots on WCSH6 and WLBZ2 in Bangor later in the summer.
The concept is to create an environment where drivers know that bikes belong on the roads and at the same time ensure that cyclists follow basic safety rules.

Click here to learn more about Maine's "Share the Road Media Campaign"

Regarding educating Law Enforcement please visit our Web Site for some GREAT videos.

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