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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Collierville takes first step toward a Pedestrian and Bicycling friendly Hwy 72

On May 24th 2010, the Mayor and Alderman voted 5-0 to approved the first step in creating an attractive and safe US Hwy 72.  Instead of an 84-foot slab of asphalt the Town of Collierville’s proposed design for the widening of US Hwy 72 includes landscape medians, bicycle lanes and completed sidewalks.   This design is safer than the TDOT design, will improve the aesthetics of the Town of Collierville, continue to foster Collierville’s small town community feel and has the ability to transform that area of town.

Bike Walk Tennessee (BWT) was notified of the road widening construction project by their friends at TDOT.  BWT posted the Town’s proposed design on its website and formed an informal coalition with the Memphis Hightailers Bicycle Club (MHBC) and Livable Memphis to push for this project.

Letters from BWT, MHBC and Mark M. Hicks supporting the project were included in the public record when the motion was made on May 24th.  Also, in the week prior to the vote the Mayor and Alderman received numerous emails supporting the project.  The supporting emails were the result of asking 1,300 area bicyclists to write the email.  MHBC’s email address book supplied the names.

The vote on May 24th was a key vote as they authorized $ 42k to be spent on the project and it was the first official vote on the project.  Several business owners had objected to the landscape medians as it would restrict left hand turns into their business.  Reducing left hand turns makes roadways safer for motorcyclists, walkers, runners, bicyclists and motorists.

For more details and to see the letters from BWT, MHBC & MMH go to: Letters Supporting Collierville Design  To see the Town’s presentation go to: and page down and look for a Collierville icon. To see where this road is located:  Collierville Hwy 72 Project

Mark M. Hicks

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