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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Path Less Pedaled

Dear folks at Bike/Walk Tennessee,
. .We are two artists who have sold all our belongings to explore the US by bicycle.  We are currently in Nashville and are doing a presentation at Nashville Bicycle Lounge on the 26th.  We're hoping you can help promote it.
. . Russ was an active bicycle advocate in Long Beach, CA.  Along our journeys we've been visiting different bicycle communities to see what other parts of the country are doing.  We've been to cities with vibrant communities like Austin, Portland and Eugene to cities that are just developing like Fort Worth, Denton, Shreveport and Jackson, MS.  It has offered us an interesting perspective in what it takes for cities to be bike friendly.
. . Anyway, we hope you can attend and if not, please spread the word!

Here's the link to the Facebook Event page

Best, Russ and Laura

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