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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Traffic Safety Coalition

The Traffic Safety Coalition (TSC), is a grassroots organization comprised of public safety professionals, law enforcement officials, victims’ advocates, health care professionals, and academics who have all come together to support a media/communications campaign to educate the public about the detrimental effects of red-light running in communities across the United States.  Our campaign is looking to demonstrate how the use of traffic safety cameras has proven to be a critical tool for local law enforcement agencies efforts to reduce violations and crashes while keeping pedestrians and bicyclists safe.

As you will see from the attached materials, our coalition is committed to educating the public, members of the media and state and local officials about the safety benefits associated with photo enforcement technology and we would welcome an opportunity to highlight the work of your organization and find ways for you to support our advocacy efforts as well.

As you can imagine, we are always looking to add more qualified partners, especially health care professionals, academics and pedestrian safety advocates who know the first-hand effects of red-light running and reckless driving.

Becoming a member is easy.  We ask for no financial contributions but we would like to work with you and your members on drafting letters to the editor, op-eds and other media activities to help highlight the importance of safer roadways.  In some cases we have asked our members to participate in short informational videos to help drive home our message as well.

I have attached an information packet for Tennessee and you can also find a list of the others on our web site.  For more information on the coalition, please take a look at our web site at
> for some examples of our advocacy work.

I have also attached the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study that shows a 24 percent decrease in traffic fatalities in communities that utilize the technology for your reference.

You can reach me directly at (312) 768-4730.

Jim Soreng, Traffic Safety Coalition

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