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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Knoxville Regional TPO Bicycle Rack Grant Program

The Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) has a bicycle rack grant program, that make it so that any private business or non-profit, or other agency can get one standard upside-down U-shaped bike rack installed for just $21. (Additional racks are available at full price.) Non-profits and community service agencies may be eligible to have the $21 waived. The counties for which the program applies are Knox, Blount, Jefferson, Anderson, Loudon, and Sevier. The racks install into existing concrete. The steps for an installation are as follows (quoted courtesy of the Knoxville TPO):

1. Business/agency applies for rack(s)
2. Site visit by staff to identify appropriate location for rack(s); meet with the person who can approve that location (manager or owner)
3. Owner/manager approves location and rack order
4. Staff orders bike rack(s), which are shipped directly to the business/agency
5. Installation of the rack in the identified location

Installation is easy, and requires only a drill with a masonry bit, and volunteers may be available for those who need help. To get started, please contact Kelley Segars at or call (865) 215-3815.

Having good places to lock one's bike can certainly help encourage cycling; it's frustrating to arrive at a place and be unable to find a place to park. This program goes a long way toward alleviating the impact of bike rack requirements for new businesses that have been enacted recently in several towns and cities.

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