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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bike Racer Teaches Bicycle Safety to Preschoolers

We were fortunate February 16, 2011 to have Jeremiah Dyer teaching bike safety to 60 preschoolers at the First Presbyterian Church Pre-School. He discussed the importance of not only wearing a helmet but also why the proper fit can reduce or prevent serious injuries. He sent home to their parents an informational brochure on proper helmet fitting and basic safety tips! To be a part of the lives of tomorrow's great cyclists, share the enthusiasm of riding, and encourage young people to take up a safe and exciting form of exercise are some of the reasons for these kinds of classes. We hope to sponsor more in our area and include all ages.

Jeremiah is an avid bike racer. At the age of 16 he ranked 5th in the Assault on Mount Mitchell in 2009. He is a role model for other young athletes to take up bike racing as a competitive sport. To quote his view of biking, " The reason I race my bicycle and will continue to race my bicycle does not have to do with some elaborate plan to become world famous. I don't race my bike because it is a fad (and no, I don't own a fixed gear). I certainly don't race my bike because I want to be filthy rich. I don't race my bike because it starts conversation with girls. I don't race my bike because looking like a T-Rex with a farmer's tan is stylish.

The reason I race my bike is much simpler than any of those reasons. I race my bike because it is what brings me to the basics. It's a process of slowly making one's self stronger everyday and is satisfying and real, but nothing more. Follow Jeremiah on his website HERE.

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