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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Share the Road License Plates - Deadline extended to June 2011

The Jeff Roth Cycling Foundation is trying to get people to sign up for "Share the Road" (3 ft law) specialty license plates. They need at least 1000 pre-orders by June 2011 for the plates to go into production, and as of today, they only have 189 orders. The deadline was already extended once; it's unlikely to be extended again. Please consider signing up for this worthy cause.


  1. One of the more frequently asked questions when I am making at Bike Walk Tennessee pitch is "What's happening with the Share the road license plate." The 189 orders is surprisingly low given the state wide impact and interest.

  2. We often hear "the Share the Road license plate will happen, with or without my registration". We actually need everyone to register for the plate as soon as possible. Since Nelson's post, the count has climbed to 221. Still a long way to go but a healthy jump just the same. If you've been thinking about registering, please do it today. You can now register on-line at

    Jeff Roth Cycling Foundation