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Monday, October 18, 2010

Oak Ridge Turnpike - phase I expansion complete

Oak Ridge Turnpike, one of the main thoroughfares through the city of Oak Ridge, has had a 4 mi section widened with 5 ft sidewalks and 6 ft bike lanes on both sides. The phase I widening project extended from Illinois Ave to Westover Drive. More details are available at the Oak Ridger Website. The project cost $26.1 million.

Phase II of the project will make SR-95 four lanes from Westover drive all the way to the SR-95/58 interchange. This portion of road when completed will have the same 5 ft sidewalk and 6 ft bike lanes from Westover Drive to Wisconsin Avenue, and 10 ft shoulders designated as bike lanes to the SR 95/58 interchange. Thanks to Michael Russell, the project manager for the SR-95 projects for sharing this information with us.

It appears that this project will link substantial residential areas with workplaces and places to shop. It's this type of project that can expect the most usage; projects that link lots of people to where they want to go to begin with.

1 comment:

  1. This had me excited hoping the awful mess that is Oak Ridge from the Clinch river to West Outer Drive might have a bike friendly alternative. Unfortunately, this is all west of that so no immediate help for any cross state route. Still, it will get more area folks on bikes so the next round of upgrades will more likely be bike friendly.