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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Electric Bicycles - HummingBike

This report on a Knoxville startup company, HummingBike, that makes electric bicycles serves as a reminder to advantages that these vehicles bring. Most of the advantages are there regardless of whether the bike is electric or not. The advantages listed in the article are as follows.

1. They are a green form of transportation, although an electric bike is less green than a human powered one due to the battery.
2. They require little space to park.

Now, the dividing line between an electric bike versus an electric scooter is based on the extent to which one has to pedal. Electric bikes generally use the electric motor as an assist, whereas scooters don't require any pedaling. Having the assist may make cycling more attractive in terms of climbing hills, but of course the exercise one gets gets reduced. The listed 20 mph for 30 mi range for the electric bike is generally beyond the capabilities of all but the strongest road cyclists.

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