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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Active Healthy Transportation Developments website

Here's a website that really does look at the positive outcomes taking into consideration alternative active modes of transportation. Their goals?

Recognize the individual and community benefits that come with adoption of active modes of transportation.

Visualize communities where everyone has the option to select active transportation modes as part of their daily routine.

Share perspectives gained in our work in health care, public transit, sports and recreation, employment & personnel, community advocacy, land use and transportation planning, education, parks and tourism and nutrition (and the list keeps growing).

Seek sustainable solutions which are tailored to our unique communities and which can be operated at a scale sufficient to make a difference where we work and live.

Support one another and reach out to include others as we continue to describe the solution, build understanding and capacity, and celebrate our successes.
Read more about this creative way of thinking HERE.

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