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Friday, October 22, 2010

Another view on Sharing the Road

This comment from fellow touring cyclist David Irvine.

The Yehuda Moon comic strip has some interesting commentary from its readers.  Here is a link to comment about bikers sharing the road with cars and trucks:

The Scottsboro ride had elements of an epiphany for me; namely, I really detest what rumble stripping does to destroy what little bike lane may be available on a highway shoulder; and I really detest sharing the road with dense car traffic when there is absolutely no bike lane or shoulder (i.e., the ride into Winchester when the local school let out).  I agree with the blog writer Hembrow about "shared space", it's a bogus concept, at least around here.  Give me a rail-trail, a bike lane, a rural road, or a highway with a bike lane type shoulder; I don't want to "share" my space any more.  Getting crabby in my old age.

1 comment:

  1. Well, the number one problem with any long-term approach that does not involve shared space, is that it's basically impossible for transportation purposes unless cars get banned from the streets. But yes, it is nice to have separate spaces in that traffic moves much more smoothly.