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Monday, August 9, 2010

Remember Jay Westbrook??

Allow me to refresh your memory about the accident on July 14, 2009 where the driver of a Comcast vehicle swerved onto the shoulder and hit Jay with his rear view mirror while Jay was on a training ride. I get the feeling the folks office of the 3rd Judicial District are hoping that we have all long forgotten! The case has been postponed over and over again. It took until October for the driver to be charged with violating the Bicycle Protection Act of 2007. In April, an additional charge of aggravated assault was added. The case is set for trial on Sept. 7 and we are still watching!

We need to let the DA involved in the case know that we expect the Comcast driver to be convicted of both charges, not only for Jay Westbrook, but for cyclists across the state who have a legal right to share the road with motor vehicles and should be protected when accidents happen involving motorists! If you would like to contact the District Attorney involved in the case, the Honorable C. Berkeley Bell, you can do so by sending him a letter at office of the 3rd Judicial District, 124 Austin St., Suite 3, Greeneville, TN 37745, or by phone at (423) 787-1450.

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