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Friday, August 27, 2010

America's Great Outdoors Listening Session Report

Tom and I  were in differing breakout sessions. I drew the good straw. My group oncentrated on topics most dear to BWT plus there was opportunity for new contacts.   Cameron Sholly, Superintendent of Natchez Trace Parkway, and Tony Turnbow, President elect of the NTP association, were there. We had a discussion of cycling safety and policing responsibility. Mr. Sholly stated the Park service was responsible for enforcing the law along the parkway. He also said last year they had a manslaughter conviction of a motorist who killed a cyclist on the Parkway in Mississippi and is proud to say ther have been no deaths on the parkway this year.  Mr. Turnbow stressed the need for cyclist to be visible. He especially likes yellow and dislikes dark green and black.  The NTP management is developing a NTP logo yellow vest they intend to promote for wearing while cycling on the Trace.

I also met briefly with Lee Waddell Curtis of TN Dept Tourism and requested we collaborate with them to promote cycling as it relates to tourism. It fits with there newly rolled out Scenic Byways campaign. No promises but at least now we have a name to call.

The NTP and  Tourism folks left with brochures, BWT Footnotes, and our business card.

Please visit their website at and leave comments.  These guys have the ear of some powerful folks.  I did not bring up rumbles at the meeting as it did not fit the overall agenda.  I plan to add it to the comments.  Most suggestions cost money.  Leaving the grinders idle could save some.  

And I thought making my governmental contact this month was going to be hard.


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