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Monday, August 2, 2010

Nashville Dedicates Bike Racks

The Metropolitan Government of Nashville Davidson County is dedicated to improving bicycle infrastructure because of our past and current political leadership. Mayors Phil Bredesen, Bill Purcell and current office holder Karl Dean have all been supportive of improved bicycle facilities. Nashville contains miles of greenways and bike lanes as a result. The creation of Shelby Bottoms greenway as an extension of Shelby Park in East Nashville by Mayor Bredesen is just one example. During the term of Mayor Purcell a pedestrian bridge was constructed across the Cumberland River extending the greenway to the Percy Priest Dam. Mayor Dean created a bike sharing program that will operate out of the Shelby Park Nature Center. Similar projects have been completed and are in planning across the city. Mayor Dean also appointed a Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

Mayor Dean recently led a ride around the Shelby Bottoms Greenway (go to Mayor’s Events, then July, then Mayor’s Bike Ride) to recognize the cleanup after the flood and the role of greenways as flood plain. Shelby Park and the Bottoms were both under water during the May floods in Nashville. Several board members of Bike Walk Tennessee accompanied the Mayor on the ride.

This commitment was recently strengthened when Mayor Dean dedicated a public art project that illustrates the city’s promotion of art and bicycling. The Metro Arts Commission initiated a project that allowed artists to create twelve art themed bicycle racks. I attended the dedication ceremony at the Demonbreum Street roundabout where the center of attention is a large microphone representing the Music City heritage.

Metro Arts Council Executive Director Jennifer Cole promised more of the artist-designed racks in Nashville. Although many bikers consider their ride to be art it may not be so apparent to non-bicyclists. There is even a controversy about the usefulness of some giant tomatoes as a lockup. There is no doubt that these sculptures represent both Nashville and its’ commitment to cycling.


  1. My crystal ball predicts a Tour de Racks for me and Dawdler, my Trek 520. Now to see if anyone has put up a map showing them all.

  2. Didn't see one right off so tried to make one from description from the article.,-86.769011&spn=0.004114,0.007896&z=17