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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Et Tu Portland? How About Frisco?

We often hear about Portland as one of the most cycling friendly cities in the USA if not the world. I recently subscribed to the podcast of The Bike Show on KBOO in Portland. They interview guests from all parts of the cycling world. The July 7 show includes an interview with the author of the Lonely Planet guide to cycling in Italy. I need to try that sometime.

But the interesting segment is an interview with two representatives from the Mayor's office in Portland. Apparently the Mayor had a plan to use savings from sewer construction projects to fund other infrastructure to enhance street drainage via "green streets" (bioswales whatever that is). These plans became known as "Sewer money for bike lanes" and there was blow back against the plans. Even in bicycle friendly Portland it's sometimes a struggle to change public policy.

KBOO Bike Show July 7

This podcast from KQED in San Francisco is a discussion of the transit plan for San Francisco that was held up for four years by litigation demanding an environmental impact study. The man who initiated the lawsuit is interviewed on the show.

Battling Over Bike Lanes

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