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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Train the Trainers - Bicycle Safety Programs

It is with great pleasure that the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s (TDOT) Safe Routes to School program invites you to participate in two Bicycle Safety Education Training Workshops this July.  A Train-the-Trainer workshop will be held on July 17 and A Basic Bicycle Safety Workshop will be held on July 18.

Both bicycle safety training events will be held at the TDOT Region 3 Facility, 6601 Centennial Blvd, in Nashville, TN. For more information and registration on these bicycle safety-training events, please see the enclosed brochures or visit the website at

Diana Benedict, TDOT Safe Routes to School Coordinator

A Train-the-Trainer workshop will be held on July 17.  This workshop is a one-day intensive course designed to educate bicycle enthusiasts on ways to implement a bicycle safety program in their own communities. The workshop includes curriculum that can be used to teach additional instructors about bicycle safety, basic bicycle handling, active learning lesson planning, and rules of the road. This course is geared towards public health officials and school and community representatives that have a vested interest in safer bicycling within their communities. The course will give participants the first-hand experience necessary to return to their schools and communities and assist volunteers to set up training events geared toward the youth in their area. Participants in this workshop may be asked to lead two bicycle safety-training events in their home area as the lead instructor. League of American Bicyclist (LAB)-approved curriculum must be used. TDOT will provide materials and support for these instructors.

A Basic Bicycle Safety Workshop will be held on July 18. This course will teach the basics of bicycle safety and handling, and will provide age-appropriate curriculum for students. Physical education teachers, school resource officers, and other teachers in kindergarten through 8th grade are encouraged to attend this course to learn bicycle safety fundamentals that can be transferred to students in the classroom.

The training will be led by Dr. Dan Connaughton, Associate Professor in Sports Medicine at the University of Florida, and Mr. John Egberts, faculty member in the College of Health and Human Performance at the University of Florida and Assistant Program Director of the Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program. Both instructors are recognized as League Cycling Instructors (LCIs) by the League of American Bicyclists (LAB).

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