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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

HUGE Boost for Harahan Bike/Ped Bridge

Congressman Steve Cohen announced on 6/19/12 the City of Memphis has received a Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) IV Discretionary Grant worth $14,939,000 for the Main Street to Main Street Multi-Modal ConnectorProject -- the region’s most ambitious and impressive bicycle/pedestrian project to date.
I’m elated to announce that we have secured federal funding for the Main Street to Main Street Multi-Modal Connector Project,” said Congressman Cohen.  “These new federal funds will help improve livability in downtown Memphis, will increase tourism, will drive economic development and create jobs, make our city more attractive to young people, and enable people to bike over the historic, scenic Mississippi River.”

This is an absolutely critical asset in the continuing revitalization of the core of our city connecting the south part of downtown to the north and Shelby farms to West Memphis,” said Mayor A C Wharton.

This is huge for Memphis,” said Paul Morris, President of the Downtown Memphis Commission.  “The Main Street to Main Street Connector Project will make major improvements to our Main Street corridor as well as connect us to West Memphis with a pedestrian and bike trail over the Harahan Bridge. These funds are a product of a public-private partnership that includes city, county and state governments on both sides of the river as well as our federal representatives led by Congressman Steve Cohen.”

The bike/ped trail uses historic Harahan Bridge to cross the Mississippi River and increase connectivity between two cities, two counties and two states.  It also repairs and improves the Main Street Trolley and the Central Station rail (Amtrak) and bus terminal. It connects Shelby Farms by bike through downtown Memphis and into Arkansas. Citizens, local governments from both Tennessee and Arkansas, and private offered support by contributing roughly $15 million.

1 comment:

  1. This is HUGE!! Congratulations to Greg Maxted for spearheading this. Nothing occurs in a vacuum. Anthony Sircusa, Kyle Wagenschutz, Mark Hicks, Sarah Newstock, and many others worked for years toward the environment for this idea to have legs. On behalf of touring cyclists everywhere, thank you very, very much.