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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Transportation Bill out of Conference Committee

The new Transportation Bill is out of Conference Committee and approval is expected in both chambers. A Summary of details important to Bike/Ped is shown below. Visit the America Bikes website over the next several day for further elaboration.

-  The new Bill follows Senate MAP-21 very closely with most of Cardin/Cochran intact.
·         - All Bike/Ped Funding still consolidated as Additional Activities in CMAQ with nothing dedicate specifically to TE or SRTS
·         - 60 to 70% has been cut from funding that typically went to Bike/Ped
·         - Additionally, States can Opt-Out of 50% of funding eligible for Bike/Ped
·         - Current funding continues until Sep 30’th, and then this Bill is the law from Oct 1, 2012 to Sep 30,2014
·         - Bike/Ped Coordinators are still required, but SRTS Coordinators are optional
·         - The SRTS, TE, and Bike/Ped Clearinghouses are gone.

1 comment:

  1. The Rails-to-Trails conservancy has stated that the bill is "a step back" as stated on their blog.