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Friday, June 22, 2012

More Tragedies on Tennessee Highways

The BWT blog previously commented on recent bicycle vs automobile incidents and they continue on our highways.

Hit and Run in Murfreesboro

Donald E. Faulkner, was riding his bicycle in Murfreesboro on June 15 and was hit from the rear by a motorist speeding though an intersection.  This is the original story on Donald Faulkner  and video of the hit and runThe vehicle did not slow down or stop but the incident was caught on video.  The viciousness of the attack (yes it was an attack) is clear. Murfreesboro police seem to be vigorously pursuing the perpetrator and have located the vehicle. The owners have already hired a lawyer.  Donald is still in Vanderbilt Hospital as this is written. Unlike Michael Rivas or Stacey Floyd or Kate Richardson we hope he will be able to tell his story. The vehicle has been found  and seized  ( and also  here).

Death in Livingston

The importance of education and training of bicyclists, especially the young, cannot be made more strongly than in a case where the cyclists are riding at night without lights. This is clearly unsafe and illegal but it’s a tragedy  nonetheless. Does an automobile driver have any responsibility in a case like this? The website Every Bicyclists Counts has posted about the death of James LeFew .

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