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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

. . Most of the time when we ask you to take action, it has to do with a national bicycling issue. That’s the main reason we created—to allow individuals to speak with one powerful, united voice in support of better bicycling in America.
. . Today, however, we need your action for another reason. Our parent foundation Bikes Belong is up for a $250,000 Chase Community Giving Grant. If we win the grant, $125,000 will go to help reach its goal of one million people (we are at 600,000 supporters now) and the other half will go toward our Green Lane Project, a new campaign to fast-track the installation of protected bike lanes in U.S. cities.
Here’s how you can help us win this $250,000 grant: chase community giving logo
. . 1. Go to the Chase Community Giving page on Facebook, enter Bikes Belong on Search Charities, then click Vote. (You can earn an extra vote by sharing through Facebook, Twitter, or emailing the link—if someone clicks on your link and votes, you get an extra vote.) or
. . 2. Go to , click on Vote Now, search for Bikes Belong, and then click Vote. (You must be a Chase customer to vote at this website.) You can vote both ways, giving Bikes Belong double the votes. With all of the important causes out there, wouldn't it be great to see bicycling recognized as one of them?
. . Thanks for casting your vote!
. . Bruno Maier, vice president,

1 comment:

  1. Another organization that you can vote for is World Bicycle Relief, an organization that distributes bicycles to African students and workers who otherwise would have limited educational and employment opportunities.