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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Note From Bud Laumer

. . Since I am no longer the state bike-ped coordinator and do not need to speak to separate communities in my e-mails, I have collapsed the several Arkansas Google groups into one.  Please note (below) the new address for my Google Group and the address for my webpage
. . If you continue your membership or join, you may see an occasional e-mail related to active healthy community development—walking and bicycling with a little transit on the side.  

. . I had a great time at ProWalk ProBike last week in Long Beach and will be posting some of my pictures of really innovative designs to move bikes and cars—like a video I shot riding sharrows on a street with 40,000 cars a day—on my website --the site regularly ranks 1st or 2nd for the key words Active, Healthy, Transportation, Development--which is fun all by itself.    
. . FYI-the blog is dead until further notice-oops-not sure what I did, but it appears to have been fatal. 
. . Do link to the materials on the website and please contact me if you need any assistance. 
Google Group E-mail Address: 
Google Group Webpage:
My Webpage:
Bud Laumer, AICP, LCI #2210

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