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Friday, September 14, 2012

Bike theft article

The Atlantic Cities has this article on the problem of bike theft. Bike theft has deterred numerous people from cycling and most especially commuting; after all, besides losing the bike, the commuter is threatened with being stranded at work. Bike theft tends to be a low-priority offense, and it's also incredibly hard to investigate due to the lack of connection between perpetrator and victim.
Registering bikes and keeping purchase receipts and serial numbers helps, but only by a little bit.
The best way to keep one's bike safe is to bring it into the office or establishment where one is headed. Alas, such is often not permitted or practical. In my experience, the next best thing would be to properly lock up the bike. A good quality U-lock is hopefully enough to drive thieves elsewhere. It should be large enough to lock the bike to most racks, yet is better to be not too large since excessive size not only means extra weight, but also added potential for someone breaking the lock with leverage tools. The lock should go around the frame (most valuable part of the bike) and the object being locked to; ideally a wheel is included as well. A bike locked to itself can be simply carried away. Cable locks are light and convenient, but are readily cut by thieves. So, what are other ways to keep one's bike safe?

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