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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pedestrian fatality in Oak Ridge, Melton Lake Drive

There was a pedestrian fatality approximately a quarter mile north of Union Valley Rd on Melton Lake Drive in Oak Ridge. The initial statement by the Oak Ridge Police Chief is available here, and a followup report here. The crash took place on March 24, and was reported around 10:30 PM. Melton Lake Drive is a moderate speed road with traffic speeds around 40 mph. The road has fairly good shoulders, and Melton Lake Greenway runs parallel to the entire stretch of road. The road ties into the parks in the area, as well as to Oak Ridge Turnpike and numerous residential areas. An excellent map of the Oak Ridge Greenways (PDF) is available here. The investigation into the crash is ongoing. Since the crash probably took place sometime after dark, what are things pedestrians can do to make themselves safer during nighttime?

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