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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ask your House Rep to support Petri Amendment

Wednesday at 2:24P CST: Petri/Johnson/Lipinski amendment was filed moments ago. Keep the pressure up into the night! Mark-up begins at 9 a.m. Thursday morning.

Proposed Petri Amendment: Transportation Improvement Program

To Preserve Dedicated Funding for Transportation Enhancements and 
Safe Routes to School Activities in a Consolidated Transportation Improvement Program.

- Transportation Improvement Program Funding: For fiscal years 2013 through 2016, a state shall reserve from its federal apportionments an amount equal to the apportioned funding received in fiscal year 2012 for Safe Routes to Schools and the amount of STP funds set aside for transportation enhancements. States have flexibility to determine source of reserved funds from its various apportioned program funds.

- Eligible Projects: State may obligate the funds for transportation enhancement activities (as revised) and safe routes to school activities under sec. 1404 of SAFETEA-LU. State has flexibility to determine activities under TE and Safe Routes to fund under the consolidated program.

- Transportation Enhancement Activity Defined: Definition of transportation enhancement activity revised to delete:
. .  transportation museums,
. .  reference to battlefields, and
. .  reference to tourist and welcome centers.

- Streamlining: Expedite process for small, low-impact construction projects and non-infrastructure projects to accelerate planning and implementing projects under the program.
- State Coordinators: From funds reserved, States shall fund two full-time coordinators to administer the transportation improvements program.
- Clearinghouse: From Federal Highways Administrative funds, Secretary shall operate a transportation improvements clearinghouse.

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