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Friday, February 24, 2012

Vick Dyer and Jay Nevans toward New Orleans

Vick Dyer and Jay Nevans are currently on the way toward New Orleans from the Knoxville area, having left on February 13. They are attending the annual Coldwell Banker Blue Generation Conference. An article on their trip is available here. They will be able to work on the road with the help of modern computer technology. For this 700 mile trip, they are expecting to ride around 40-60 miles a day. Jay Nevans is with the Jeff Roth Cycling Foundation and is riding to help promote the drive to get at least 1000 of the "Share the Road" specialty license plate orders before this year's deadline. Notice how they, realtors, point to how buyers frequently request places that are highly walkable and bikeable, and that having such increases property values. Their progress is being tracked at their blog at

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