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Thursday, February 23, 2012

New FULL-Time SRTS Organizer for TN

Dear Network Partners!  
. . I have great news!  Rebecca Wynd has accepted the position as Tennessee’s new full time SRTS State Network Organizer!  Tennessee is one of seven states that Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has agreed to fund a full time network organizer for three years.  This is due to the wonderful momentum Tennessee has accomplished.  I have no doubt that Rebecca will be a strong and successful  leader for the network as we enter this new phase.  
. . As most of you know, Rebecca has worked with the network already, and has a passion for SRTS.  She has extensive work experience including experience in working for the Olympics and starting a non profit organization.  Her official start date is March 5th, and she will be in training for two weeks.  So we will be resuming the network in mid March! 
Millie Halvorson

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