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Friday, June 17, 2011

USBR on Fast lane

At the last Board meeting it was reported that Adventure Cycling had exceeded its goal of $30,000 for the USBR System. Not mentioned was that in addition to this the prestigious AASHTO contributed and additional $5,000 to show the support of state highway professionals for this system. Guess we'd better stop calling them the Association of Cars and Trucks, though the appellation may still fit some individual state DOT's.
More good news is that on my recent mini tour of South Central KY (Thanks Guy Coggin and Mark Crutcher) even the rumble strip manic Kentucky shows signs of progress. The section of US 31 E between Scottsville and Barren River State park has a newly installed 3 foot shoulder with no rumble at all! Anyone having done any cycling in KY knows how amazing this is.
Even in a tight economy great tings are happening.
Link to Adventure Cycling Report.

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