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Monday, June 27, 2011

Jeff Roth Cycling Foundation - Share the Road License Plates

Current 3 ft Law Plate Count

The Jeff Roth Cycling Foundation deadline for obtaining at least 1000 specialty license plate pre-orders has been extended by a year. The current number of orders is displayed above. Pre-orders are being accepted online. Only when 1000 pre-orders have been obtained can the plates go into production.

The license plates are a great way to support the Jeff Roth Cycling Foundation, as well as promote awareness of the 3 ft passing law and cycling in general. Families with multiple cars can sign up for multiple plates, up to the number of cars owned. The plates also make a wonderful gift for anyone who's a cyclist. If everyone who's already signed up signs up one more person or plate, this plate will finally become reality!

1 comment:

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