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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Florida's Rumble Strip Answer

For your interest and amusement, I found some really good rumble strips in Florida.  They were ~3 inch discs, ~1 inch in height, glued into the middle of the right-hand paint stripe and appeared to be composed of small glass beads (like the paint stripe) glued into a matrix and put down at the same time as the stripe I think.  A periodic break in their sequence every 20 feet or so would have been the only improvement I would want.
Ben Cowan


  1. The obvious: They don't plow snow in Florida!!

  2. The need to plow snow is the common argument against devices such as these but I have not seen any snow plowing in Middle Tennessee. Even when we do get snow, it is handled by salt. Maybe it's different in East TN. TDOT has several regions so differing policies for regions with and without snow plowing should be possible.