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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Education - Tennessee's greatest failing

We have all said the three most important priorities for Tennessee are Education, Education, and more Education.  Whereas, Tennessee did okay in LAB's Bike Friendly State assessment. We ranked so low in education that we were almost off the chart.  May be this is another "less talk" more "action."  Philip found a great series by League of Illinois Bicyclists. (Click here for info)

Planning for bike-friendly communities is becoming more common in major cities, suburbs, and small towns across the country.  Everyday decisions by planners, engineers, and others affect how safe and convenient it is to bike for recreation or transportation.  However, most of these officials have had little to no training on these issues.

So how does Bike Walk Tennessee want to get started at this?

1 comment:

  1. After reading the main link and Memo this looks like something Bike Walk TN could and should do. As a professional who must also keep up continuing education credits I can attest to the appeal of an opportunity close to home, especially if it covers a topic I have not gone over dozens of times before.
    As with many of our opportunities, the devil is in the doing. We could partner with TDOT, BPAC's, and educaional institutions but for BWT to take the lead we would need an Executive Director in place. I see no way anyone with a life outside cycling could put the package together. However, anyone with the desire is challenged to prove me wrong.