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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Italian Helmet Hair Not A Problemo

I'm spending a few days in Italy where, at least in the old cities like Florence, bicycles are for transportation and not play. No one was wearing a helmet while cycling in the city center where Michaelangelo once walked and worked. No word on his helmet use. David didn't wear one while slaying Goliath.

Bike Purchases in Italy

However, this is a surprise in any country outside of China. Motor scooters are very popular in Italy and may outnumber bikes in the cities I've seen. I doubt they will lose their love of the car but can you imagine this happening in the US? The auto makers would go mad. They would probably lobby to outlaw bicycles.

I did see some helmet use by recreational riders on Sunday in a small town outside Florence. They were in full kit and riding in the hilly region. I wonder how much our emphasis on helmets discourages ridership by sending a message that its a dangerous undertaking? Obviously the narrow streets of a European city are very different from the US but food for thought none the less.

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