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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Biking- A Possibly Crazy Way To Get Around

You can tell me I'm crazy for snow biking in the winter but it is GREAT fun and a much better way to get around town than sliding through traffic in a pricey automobile. Why not head for a biking trail on a snowy day and feel the bliss of winter's quiet white appeal. Head to the top of Roan Mtn. and slice through the drifts on a set of big nobbies or ride to the market for a hunk of brie.

We can learn from some intrepids in Alaska who fine biking in the winter a regular venue for transportation and exercise.

"The appeals of winter bike commuting – whether it’s the calories burned or the gasoline saved – have never captivated large numbers of the state’s residents, but every sizeable community in Alaska probably has at least a few diehards who refuse to put their bikes away when the snow starts falling. In Fairbanks, bicyclists’ blinking tail lights can be seen flashing through the ice fog even when it’s 20 or 30 degrees F. below zero." More on winter biking HERE....

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