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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Parks + Bikes = Connection

Headed to a state or national park? Biking is one of the best ways to experience nature and the Park Service is gearing up to provide biking facilities for visitors

There is great riding to be had in our national parks. A bike rider is more open to the environment and more aware of their surroundings than is possible from inside a motor vehicle. Plus, the bike can cover more ground than two feet alone, and riders can easily stop to appreciate wildlife or scenery.

Cycling is friendly to the environment in the parks and to the health of the rider. These qualities bring cycling in line with the goals of the National Park Service and help make bicycling a great way to visit the parks.

But not everyone who might like to experience the parks by bike gets the chance to. In some cases, visitors don't realize that cycling is allowed. For others, it's difficult enough just to get to a national park, to say nothing of arriving with a bike. Visitors get solitude at CanyonA growing number of national parks are helping bridge that gap with rental programs, bike sharing, and bike tours for visitors.Find out how parks and biking make a good mix HERE.

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