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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Share the Road License Plate - Cycology Bicycles

As previously mentioned, there is a June 2011 deadline for 1000 3 ft law/share the road license plate orders for the plate to go into production. As of today, the Jeff Roth Cycling Foundation is reporting 252 orders so far. Cycology Bicycles in Maryville is offering a special promotion in support of this cause. If people go there and sign up there for a plate for $35, they will receive a $20 gift card from Cycology for anything in the store.

The 1000 target should be definitely reachable based on the following analysis.

We have around 6 million people in the state. Assuming families of 4, we have 1.5 million families. If 0.1% of families (taking a tenth of the 1% mode share) get a plate, we'll have 1500 plates. But of course it's important that you do your part.

(Edited: I just learned about a correction on what Cycology is offering. The note from the manager is reproduced below.)
To clarify the gift card donation. Cycology is giving gift cards to folks who join us on the Tue/Thur rides and sign up for the Share The Road Plate. I have a limited number of $20 gift cards available (not 1000) so if you want one join us for a ride soon and sign up for the plate. The cards are also good for $20 off any item at Little River Trading Co. next door.

Cycology Bicycles

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  1. Thanks for plugging the project. Do you have any ideas how we can generate more interest in this project state-wide and increase the number of pre-registrations? Are you able to post on the other regional blogs? If so a similar post might be helpful.