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Friday, November 5, 2010

Advocacy Advance

Advocacy Advance is a partnership between the League of American Bicyclists and the Alliance for Biking and Walking to research issues critical to the bicycling community. The Advocacy Advance Team has created a series of reports to help Alliance member organizations access Federal funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects.

Climate Change and Bicycling

How bicycling advocates can help craft comprehensive Climate Action Plans

Climate Action Plans are strategic and comprehensive tools that work to combat climate change by reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. They are being written and implemented by cities, states, and universities in lieu of aggressive federal action. Policymakers are increasingly turning to promoting bicycling as a way to meet GHG reduction targets. Here's the PDF of the report.

Ready to Rumble?


Rumble strips are increasingly common on popular rural bicycling routes; this report discusses the problem and provides best practices for bicycle-tolerable rumble strips that advocates should encourage their state DOTs to follow. Here's the PDF of the report.

The Importance of Bike/Ped Staff


This analysis shows the strong correlation between large bicycle and pedestrian staffs and bicycling friendly outcomes such as Bicycle Friendly Community status and high bike commuter levels. Here's the PDF of the report.

Understanding Rescissions


How to make sure state DOTs are making the most of key funding sources for bicycle and pedestrian projects; includes a brief explanation of important terminology relating to federal rescissions. Here's the PDF of the report.

Let's End Distracted Driving! 

A Bicycling Advocate’s Resource

A guide to distracted driving campaigns; includes statistics on the risks of distracted driving, stories from successful campaigns, and sample legislation. Read Full Digital Report, PDF Version or the Fact Sheet.

Find the Funding Source

Which Federal Funding Source is right for my project? (America Bikes)

There eight common federal funding sources for bicycle and pedestrian projects and another eight that are sometimes used; this table assembled by America Bikes answers basic questions about each to help you determine the best funding source for your proposed project. Download PDF here.

Federal Funding for Safety Programs

Section 402 – State and Community Highway Safety Grant Program

Section 402 funds can be used for bicycle and pedestrian safety programs, but they have mostly gone untapped; this report explains how to access these funds. Read Full Digital Report or PDF Version.

Funding for Safety Infrastructure

Highway Safety Improvement program

Millions of HSIP dollars have gone unspent in recent years; learn how to take advantage of this underused program for bicycle and pedestrian safety infrastructure projects. Read Full Digital Report or PDF Version

Cleaner Air for Your Community

Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement program

Biking and walking are clean forms of transportation; find out about one of the most common federal funding sources for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects and programs. Read Full Digital Report or PDF Version

Bike Commuter Statistics

American Community Survey Bicycle Commuting Trends, 2000 to 2008

More and more people are riding their bikes to work every year; read about the latest trends and find out how your city and state stack up. Read Full Digital Report, PDF Version, and see the commuter trends for the 70 largest U.S. cities here.
Economic Arguments for Investing in Bicycling

The Economic Benefits of Bicycle Infrastructure Investments

Lawmakers and key decision-makers want to know how investments in bicycling infrastructure are going to pay off – literally; this report shows what economic returns communities across the country have already experienced. Read Full Digital Report, PDF Version or the Fact Sheet.

2009 Short Trip Analysis


Half of all trips are 3 miles or less, yet the majority (72 percent) are made by car. Learn more about short trips in this Fact Sheet.

State Bike Summit Guide


Whether organizing the state’s first summit or re-energizing your existing event, this guide shares some of the ideas, lessons and best practices that have come from the National Bike Summit, as well as model state events. Download the pdf or view the digital version of the guide.

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