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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Annual Meeting Announcement

Dear Bike Walk Tennessee Members,
Thank you for your membership in Bike Walk Tennessee. Your support has been vital to our success. The organization is still in its infancy yet in the first year we have had several successes. Among them are:
1. Working with TDOT to reduce the impact of rumble strips on cyclists. Tennessee is currently the only state with this degree of cooperation from the state. We have the most bike friendly rumble design in the nation.
2. We were instrumental in starting a national forum to discourage the indiscriminate application of rumble strips on rural roads.
3. Assisted in preparation of the city of Memphis Bicycle Facility Guide.
4. Were part of the coalition responsible for establishing the Tweetsie Rail Trail in East Tennessee.
5. Contacted officials responsible for investigating cyclists' deaths and injuries to assure there was a fair review of the motorists' responsibility.
6. Instrumental in Tennessee's rise from 43 to 24 in the League of American Bicyclists bike friendly state ranking.
7. Began the process of integrating Tennessee into the US Bike Route system.
The 2010 Pro Walk Pro Bike Conference will be held in Chattanooga this September. In conjunction with Pro Walk Pro Bike are the Alliance for Biking and Walking and Bike Walk Tennessee's annual meetings. Bike Walk Tennessee's meeting will be held Sept 10, 2010 from 7-8:30 pm EDT in the Outdoor Chattanooga building near the east end of the Walnut Street Pedestrian bridge (please see link for Agenda and uStream).  Please attend to get a more complete report and meet other advocates. After the meeting we will mingle with advocates from across the USA who are present for the Alliance for Biking and Walking Leadership Retreat. You can also still register for the retreat. It is a great meeting for anyone working to promote cycling and walking. Please continue your support and encourage your walking and cycling friends to join us.
See you in Chattanooga.
Sincerely yours,
Pat Clements, President, Bike Walk Tennessee
Originally POSTED on 8/7/10, re-posted with minor revisions

Interested in a Bike Ride from Nashville to Chattanooga.  Click here for info.

1 comment:

  1. So looking forward to seeing everyone in person after a year of Web Conferencing! We've taken big steps toward making Tennessee biking and walking friendly - but now is the time to roll up our sleeves and really make a difference.

    See ya'll there!