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Monday, July 19, 2010

Updated Bicycle and Greenway Plan Shows Hope

The updated Bicycle and Greenway Plan for Johnson City breathes hope into the world of those hoping for a region much safer for bicyclists and pedestrians. Addressing the issues of obesity and inactivity, alternative modes of transportation, improved bike facilities, safety, and promotion this is a work in progress. Johnson City has committed to creating a comprehensive multi-modal strategy that includes bicycling and walking as integral parts of the transportation infrastructure. Johnson City’s vision seeks to take advantage of the benefits that bicycling can offer to the city, such as greater mobility, lower transportation cost, safer streets, cleaner air, less traffic congestion, increased daily exercise, lower healthcare costs, and a greater quality of life. The Johnson City Bikeway-Greenway Plan is intended to help turn this vision into reality. It addresses the positive environmental and economic impact of polution free modes of transportation and provides compelling evidence of improved social quality and a deeper appreciation of the built and natural environments. More has already happened since this plan went into effect and the public looks forward to the continual unfolding of this dynamic venture. The Johnson City Bicycle and Green Plan is available here for a closer study and is well worth the read.

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