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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Memphis Gets the Bicycle Spirit

The rest of the state needs to take note of the greenway being built in Memphis. Its "Greenline Project" which provides accessible recreation for all ability levels. This bodes well for projects like the Kingsport Greenbelt, the Johnson City Greenway, Elizabethton's Watauga River Trail, and the Erwin Linear Trail. Knoxville, Chattanooga, Nashville, and other areas of the state are backing multi-use trails and bike lanes as part of sustainable regional development.

"There's growing excitement surrounding the bike trail that spans from Midtown to Shelby Farms. Not only is the Greenline Project expected to help Memphians get fit, it'll bring two sides of town together.

Cement is being laid at the end of the Greenline. The first week of September is when the project is expected to be complete, giving Memphis' growing cyclist population a new safe route to ride their bikes."

"It's about 6.5 miles of trail that goes through the most beautiful wildlife area that you will find anywhere," said County Public Works Director Ted Fox."

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