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Friday, April 9, 2010

Making Neighborhoods Back into Neighborhoods

While this article is long and rambling - I found it interesting that even in Seattle - people struggle to find that sense of community within their own neighborhoods. But by making neighborhoods more more walkable, sociable, sustainable, and safe - maybe - just maybe we can get that freedom back that you and I had as kids. read more by clicking here:

I think David Roberts hits the nail on the head with his wrap up statement: 

" of the biggest challenges in years ahead, as we attempt to densify and green our communities, will be retrofitting existing neighborhoods to increase walkability, sociability, sustainability, and safety. It's worth a minute of anyone's time to ponder how they could make their own surroundings more amenable to spontaneous, non-commercial, human-scale social interaction."

Isn't that what we are ultimately trying to accomplish through Bike Walk Tennessee? More greenways, green spaces, connectivity within our neighborhoods - be it with footpaths, bike paths, or safe roads for cycling.

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