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Friday, April 23, 2010

Call For Help on Musical heritage Trail

This post actually belongs on the State Route Blog but needs as much publicity as possible. Jessica Wilson has requested our help in sorting out sites appropriate for the Musical Heritage Trail. She has planned to get a list of sites from musical historians that we could assess for inclusion into a cycle route. The historians quite naturally have other priorities but did point us in the right direction.  This may be better anyway since our knowledge of cycling conditions will allow some winnowing of sites on the first pass.

Please examine the list of sites on the link in Jessica's email quoted below and from that and your personal knowledge of your part of the state, submit sites each of you consider appropriate for inclusion on a Bike Route With a Musical Heritage Theme.  Don't limit yourselves to sites on the list. I notice Trinity Village is not listed and though not my cup of tea, it is a big deal to some of my out of town guests.

From Jessica Wilson:

Do you think you guys at BWT could start researching a list of musical heritage sites?  The historic preservationists folks were extremely tied up for the next couple of months, but said they would be more than willing to look over a list that we developed and add any other sites they knew of.  My former boss at the Center for Historic Preservation edited the TN Encyclopedia of History & Culture, and this would be a great jumping off point.
What would be great is if we started looking at each entry and seeing if we can pinpoint a coinciding site on a map that can be accessed by cyclists.
Jessica L. Wilson, TDOT Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator

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