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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Justice Delayed and Denied in Cocke County

Dan Ford was drunk and speeding and killing. Kate Richardson died July 12, 2011 in Cocke County, Tennessee because of the choices made by Dan Ford. He pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and will serve a grand total of two days in jail for  DUI but not for committing vehicular homicide which can carry a maximum sentence of six years. Ford is a former chair of the Cocke County Republican Party and a failed politician. Shortly after the accident his attorney attempted to blame the victim for riding her bicycle down a dark highway.

I was going to write some outraged tome on the outcome of this case but I just can’t get up the energy. The district attorney negotiated a plea bargain and Ben Cantrell, a judge from Nashville, approved this outrageous sentence. According to news reports her family approved of the settlement and the DA is defending his plea deal. I don’t know their reason but it may be they want to put the incident behind them. Obviously they have every right to respond to the case as they see fit.  The family filed a civil case for $11 million and I hope they take every penny the man owns.

Most killers of cyclists are never charged unless it’s a DUI. That happened in this case but he still gets off after 48 hours in jail. The district attorney used the excuse that she wasn’t riding on the right and she had a black back pack.

That doesn’t deserve a death sentence.


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