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Monday, April 29, 2013

New Sheriff in Town

President Obama has nominated Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx for Secretary of Transportation replacing Ray LaHood who is great on cycling issues. It appears that Foxx is pretty good on alternative transportation, Charlotte does have  a bike share program,  but we’ll certainly find out more in the days ahead.

 After the fight over Map-21 the issues facing the transportation infrastructure in this country were kicked down the road (pun intended) rather than leading to any realistic plan. The issues with transportation funding are just as critical because the road use taxes, i.e. the gas tax, does not and will not fund future needs. Congressman Mica’s plan to cut transportation funding to the level of use tax revenues wasn’t accepted by anyone and it probably won’t have much traction in the future. The political climate in Washington isn’t good for any kind of long term planning and I’ll bet Map-21 will just be extended for years as was the previous transportation legislation. Advocates for walking and biking will continue to work for increased alternatives whatever the climate for change.


  1. If I remember correctly, the gasoline tax has never paid the total cost of road building and was never before expected to do so. Good road infrastructure everyone.

    1. Right you are.