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Friday, December 7, 2012

Bike racks, bike lanes/greenways on agenda for 2013 in Johnson City

The Livable Communities Development Group of the Johnson City, Jonesborough, Washington County Economic Summit is digging into some specifics on the first of its top six issues areas (see below) for 2013 and beyond: “More interconnected, beautiful and clean bike and walking paths connecting destinations to live,work, shop and play in our community.”

(For the full article, click here: Bicycling update)

 After collaborative discussion, the group is set to work on two tracks, both in close coordination with the City of Johnson City. The first is planning and implementing the purchase and installation of additional bicycle racks around Johnson City. The second is looking comprehensively at the current network of bicycle routes that connect areas of the city, and working toward short, medium and long-term improvements that enhance connectivity and safety for Johnson City’s children and its growing number of adult cyclists.
 “We applaud the City and its staff for the many steps they’ve taken in this regard over the past several years,” Livable Communities facilitator Dan Reese said. “Our goal is to come alongside representatives of the planning, traffic and other divisions within the Development Services Department to keep the desire for continued improvements on the front burner.”
Development Group members are in the early stages of discussions internally and with the appropriate city representatives about both issues… Read more: Bicycling update

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