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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Not Asking for More Money

. . Bike/Ped advocates are not asking for more federal money for bike/ped projects.  They want to be sure money that is available is used for these applications.  Tennessee has a history of high rescission of Transportation Enhancement and Congestion Mitigation money.  Our Safe Routes to School grants are only obligated at 32%.  MAP-21 increases the risk of loosing available funding.
. . The League of American Bicyclists found "In states with active bike advocacy groups, very little money was sent back." (HINT! on how to protect YOUR interests)
. . Our department of transportation will set the ground rules and choose the projects that are going to be funded.  Advocates must become part of the process and help communities build an inventory of good ready-to-go bike projects.
. . The federal granting process is complicated, messy, and difficult to navigate. America Bikes is developing the tools and resources for advocates so they can speaks loudly and intelligently. 
. . Nearly 400 people participated in "The ABCs of MAP-21" webinar on 8/13/12. Download the recording and slides here

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