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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bike Party in Johnson City

Hey! We're having a bike party in Johnson City.

Who: Volunteers primarily from Johnson City and the greater Tri-Cities area. This month is our first ride, so it is undetermined how many riders we will have. Our call is for a Critial Mass. We always need more help! What: JC Bike Party is made up of all types of bicyclists and human-powered transportation advocates who celebrate and build community in a monthly ride that must be experienced to be understood. When: Last Friday of every month. The ride starts at 4pm and will last until 8pm with stops along the way. Where: Each month an optimal route is chosen by some of JC's most enthusiastic cyclists. We are starting off small. This month's ride will be no longer than 5 miles and will focus on the southeastern part of town. Hit it where the Heart is ;) Why: To build community through bicycling! To help spread bike safety for bicyclists and motorists alike. Bike Parties give the public a closer look at what their community has to offer, even if they do not ride everyday. How: We have seven basic rules to keep the ride safe. We ride legally and follow all traffic rules. We have many volunteers (called BIRDs -Bicycle Information Resource Directors!) who help to lead and direct the ride itself – please listen to their helpful instructions! Stay far away from anyone who appears inebriated, and encourage them to go home safely – they will likely hurt themselves or others and/or get a nasty ticket before the night is out. BRING: Everything to make your bike legal and safe! Lights (a white front light is required by law, as is a red rear reflector) We ride rain or shine, so bring weather-appropriate clothing. Helmet (not required by law for adults, but always a good idea) Snacks and water – the rides are long, you will be tired! Stay healthy and hydrated! Repair kits/tools (or a friend who will share) Lock (in case you want to stop somewhere-after party?) WHY HAVEN’T YOU HEARD OF THIS? We honestly have no idea. Get invovled and/or Get intouch:

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