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Friday, July 15, 2011

Governor delivers $600,000 grant for Rails Trails program Read more: Herald Citizen - Governor delivers $600,000 grant for Rails Trails program

Let's all hope this is not the end of transportation enhancement grant funding in the current debate.

"We all agree Tennessee's a wonderful place to live. But there's certainly things we think can make it even better," Haslam said, briefly interrupted at one point in his presentation by a passing train, horn blazing. "One of those is encouraging folks to be outdoors more, to get out, exercise for their own health, to use things like this. It's one of the reasons we look for great projects like this. Unfortunately, funds like this are limited, but when we do it (give them), we want to make certain they're (for) projects that count."

1 comment:

  1. This will be a terrific route when completed. It runs along a ridge with stunning views. There is already a decent on road route from Algood to Monterey but getting through Cookeville is a pain and by following the RR grade a killer climb up Buck Mountain will be eliminated. This will be a great link in an East/West Cross state route.