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Thursday, May 26, 2011 - Knoxville Area Commuting Challenge

I just received an email from Chuck Morris detailing some of the dismal facts surrounding the commute situation in the 7 county area surrounding Knoxville. A green commuting event is scheduled for Friday, May 27 at Market Square in downtown Knoxville at noon to highlight the Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization's SmartTrips program.

The dismal facts of the current situation are quoted below.
About 1/2 pound of CO2 emissions would fill up a beach ball that is 24 inches around when inflated. The average U.S. commuter generates 57 pounds of CO2 each day. That's about 100 beach balls per day for each person!

The average commute time for the 7-county Knoxville region is just over 26 miles one way. 84.5% of commuters in our region drive alone to work daily.

If just half of the region’s drive alone commuters took an alternative to driving alone for one day, at 20 miles to the gallon average, they would save nearly half a million gallons of fuel. At $4 per gallon that would represent a savings of around $2 million dollars.

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